Confetti advice & how to make your own

Dec 8, 2017 | Wedding advice & ideas

Confetti advice

The confetti photos are one of my favourite photographs to take on a wedding day because they are full of so much natural emotion and are such great fun.

I’m genuinely starting to think that confetti should be made edible because the number of times I’ve seen some fly into Bride and Grooms mouths. Think of it as a pre-wedding breakfast snack?!

When it comes to confetti it is really important that you check with your venue/church what rules they have when it comes to if/where it can be thrown. It is also important to note that most locations only allow bio-degradable confetti so they aren’t still finding tiny pieces of plastic in years to come.

If where you are getting married doesn’t allow confetti, bubbles are a brilliant alternative as they leave no mess and looks fun in photos, that is if the wind doesn’t blow them the wrong way!

How to make your own confetti

If you have some time between now and your wedding I have a little trick could save you some pennies… When you have flowers in the house before they turn and you throw them out, pick the petals off and leave them on the windowsill to dry out and once they are dry you have homemade confetti. This works particularly well with roses, plus they smell divine. You can also choose to mix in some dried lavender to make it smell even more lovely.

Remember once you’ve dried out the petals to keep them in a dry place or they may lose colour.

Quick confetti tips

  • Too much confetti is never a bad thing, you’ll be amazed how quickly it gets used up.
  • Don’t worry about bags and cones, a basket filled with confetti is a quick and easy way to store it, guests can easily grab a handful.
  • Have bridesmaids and groomsmen on hand to help hand out the confetti and organise the confetti line.
  • If you’re having a winter wedding I personally wouldn’t advise snow confetti, as magical as it looks in the air, you’ll be picking it out your hair for the rest of the day as it can sometimes look like dandruff.
  • Doing the confetti line straight after the ceremony is a great way to keep a nice flow going on the day.
  • To the wedding couple: take 5 minutes to yourselves whilst the confetti line is being organised, catch up on your mornings. Once the confetti line is ready, I’ll come and give you the thumbs up.
  • When walking through the confetti line walk nice and slow, more often than not your wedding photographer will be walking backwards.


Confetti advice and how to make your own wedding confetti from dried flowers?