Wedding suppliers using photographers’ photos

Nov 14, 2022 | Wedding advice & ideas

If you are a wedding supplier this post is for you, if not feel free to skip this post!

Chances are if you’re reading this it is likely that we worked on a wedding together and you’d like to use my photos to show your amazing work. You are in luck because I love to share photos with suppliers I believe sharing is caring, that is if you were nice on the wedding day ;-). Before downloading photos from the gallery please take a moment to read this post.

I am happy for photos to be shared online, provided that my clients are happy with that too. In some instances, I am not permitted to share photos online and in those circumstances, I would not share them with suppliers which I am sure you understand.

How to get the photos?

Pop me an email to: with the wedding/s we worked on and I’ll get back in touch with the gallery.

A credited photographer is a happy photographer

I currently choose not to watermark my photography as I do not like to distract from the subject in the images. By not watermarking my images I share my images with the trust that they will be credited. When sharing my photos on social media I ask that there is please a link back to my social platforms. Below I have listed links to my social media accounts:
Facebook: /gemmagiorgiophotography
Instagram: @gemmagiorgio
Twitter: @gemmagiorgio
TikTok: @gemmagiorgio

When using the images on your website please ensure that a link is made to my website:

Editing of photos

I’m sure you won’t but please ensure no editing/applying presets/filters is done to any photos shared as I spend a long time editing them in my style, thank you. Edited photos will be requested to be removed.

Downloading the photos

I strongly recommend downloading the images and rather than ‘right click save’, downloading the photos will ensure the highest quality. Feel free to download images from their gallery. using the password and download pin I supply. You can make a favourites list and then download the whole list rather than downloading one at a time. If you need any help with the online gallery let me know and I’d be more than happy to help. By downloading any images you agree to all of the above.

A helpful tip

If you are downloading and using photos from multiple photographers it can easily get confusing with who took which images. I would recommend creating a folder for each wedding with the photographer’s name for easy future reference :-).

A little thank you

A little thanks goes a long way. If you are happy with the photos I have shared with you to help to promote your business on social media I would be grateful if you wouldn’t mind leaving a little review on my Google Business/Facebook page, thank you in advance. If you love the photos and would love to work together again, consideration to be added to your recommended/prefered suppliers list would be great :-).

Want more photos of your business?

When wedding season quietens down this is the perfect opportunity to book in and update those branding photos. Having had the pleasure of capturing many businesses (lots of wedding businesses too!) over the years I’d be honoured to update your photos. Here is a link to my branding photography and what I currently offer. If you’re interested I’d love to hear from you.

I hope we get to work together again soon :-)!