What does my wedding photographer need from me before the wedding?

Nov 11, 2022 | Wedding advice & ideas

More often than not you book your wedding photographer months, if not years before your wedding. This can feel like a really long time and you might be wondering if there is anything you need to do or if there is anything we need from you. In short, the answer is both yes and no, hear me out.

Unless you are having a pre-wedding shoot (engagement shoot) there is very little we need from you once the booking process is complete. We photographers are often putting our energies into clients with upcoming weddings and if we are in the peak season of weddings we are trying our best to turn around previews, and galleries and this alone keeps us very busy. 

This will differ for different photographers but ideally, I like to get in touch to collect everything I need before your wedding about 1-2 months before your date. You might be wanting to be more organised in getting documents back to me sooner but trust me things can change and it saves time having to redo/edit the forms you’ve already filled out. 

So what information do I ask from my clients? I ask for 3 things one month before and they are: 

  1. Your wedding day timeline
  2. Your formal photo list 
  3. General info, including addresses, contact details, suppliers involved and a couple of other bits

Feel free to take a look at the above links, these will direct you to blog posts I credited for making your timeline and photo list, both also have handy sample templates at the bottom of each post. 

Behind the scenes of Gemma Giorgio Photography working.
Behind the scenes, just before formal photographs referencing the list!

Key communication points

There are occasions on the wedding planning journey where communication is key, read my points below.

Engagement shoot

If you have an engagement shoot booked with me I always recommend getting it booked sometime between when you secure your date to two months before your wedding. I usually need a couple of weeks’ notice, and if in peak season I would advise a month. We can chat about location ideas and I will share some helpful tips too! 

Major changes

It goes without saying that if you are planning a major change like a date/venue change I would advise getting in touch with your suppliers ASAP, ideally before you make the changes, especially so if it is the date. This way you can communicate and see when works best for all your suppliers. Failure to accommodate date changes with suppliers can often mean loss of booking fees/deposits and in some cases, there may even be fees to move the date. Be sure to check contracts first. 

Keeping in touch leading up to the wedding

I personally think the best way to stay in touch with your wedding suppliers is through Instagram. When my couples book I ask if they are on Instagram as it is a great way to keep in touch and see each other’s updates. 

Are you a client of mine?

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