What if it rains on your wedding day?

May 24, 2023 | Wedding advice & ideas

Living in the UK there is always a chance it might rain on your wedding day no matter what time of year. The weather is one of the things that is out of your control on your wedding day, try not to let it worry you too much as your wedding will still be a wonderful celebration come rain or shine! Here are a few things you can do if it does rain:

Stock up on some umbrellas

If rain is forecast on your wedding day getting stock of umbrellas is always wise. Before doing a last-minute dash to the shops consider asking your wedding venue if they have some umbrellas on site that you and your guests could borrow. You can also ask your guests to bring some too. My top tip when purchasing wedding umbrellas is to opt for transparent or white umbrellas as these defuse the light nicely and don’t give nasty colour casts.

Be flexible with timings

Be open to changing the timeline of your wedding a little to avoid the showers. For example, doing the group photos half an hour earlier/later to avoid getting drenched. This will often mean communicating with your wedding photographer, caterer and coordinator so they can accommodate the changes.

Use inside your wedding venue

Most larger venues have backup options and rooms that you can use when the weather isn’t on your side. Have a discussion prior to your wedding day about what options would work best for you and your guests. Some venues, for example, Gosfield Hall has lots of locations inside which make the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos so you could always do your couple portraits and group photos in the dry.

Take photos in sheltered locations

Maybe your venue can’t accommodate doing your couple portraits and group photos inside due to size/lighting conditions. This is where we can venture out and find shelter. Here’s an example of Fran and her bridesmaids keeping dry under a tree in the Helmingham Hall gardens.

Plan a sheltered/plan B location

This is particularly important if your wedding day is primarily based outside or if your whole wedding day takes place in one room. Options for a plan B location could include:

+ A marquee for during the drinks reception as seen pictured

+ Adding a snug section to your original marquee to allow extra room, doing so saves everyone from the rain and also stops guests from pilling into the reception room too early.

Embrace the rain

You can still get awesome photos in the rain. Often in photographs, unless it is really pouring you can’t usually tell it is raining like in the photo of Kirstie and James.

Wedding couple walking through a vineyard

You can’t have a rainbow without a little rain

On that note, I’ll leave you with this photo from Alex and Harry’s wedding day. During dinner a guest let us know that there was a rainbow, it was at that moment that I ran to ask the newlyweds if they’d like to get a quick photo and this is what we got!