Why I work with a second photographer

Dec 20, 2017 | Wedding advice & ideas

If you have recently enquired with myself for wedding photography services you may have seen that in several of my collections I work with a second photographer. In this blog post, I wanted to go over the importance of why I work with a second photographer and what they can bring to your wedding day.

Firstly a second photographer/second shooter is an assistant photographer to the primary photographer.

Phil my boyfriend originally came with me to my first wedding back in 2014 as my second photographer, as you could imagine I was a little nervous. Since working with him on that day I couldn’t imagine working without a second photographer, as I saw all the benefits it brought to myself, as well as my wedding couples.

The second photographers that I am currently working with are either professional wedding photographers or aspiring wedding photographers, who’s work has a similar style to my own. I know my second photographers personally so I trust them to create some beautiful photos that’ll form part of your final collection.

Below I’ll be going through the main benefits of what having a second photographer can mean for your wedding:

Double Coverage

Having two photographers means double coverage for you. It is currently physically impossible for me to be in two places at once as we still can’t time travel! So by having two photographers, this allows you to have two things covered at once. Also during the ceremony, I don’t like to move around too much because I don’t want to cause a distraction to the service, so usually if the vicar/registrar allows I will photograph at the front whilst my second photographer photographs the ceremony from the back.

The benefits of having a second photographer at your wedding

More Candid Photos

As you may be aware I work in such a way that is very non-intrusive so when it comes to reception drinks my second photographer and I are great at capturing photos when people don’t even realise. So having two photographers means more candid photos. I personally feel this type photo when people don’t know they are being photographed can be the best, as you can see them in their true light.

The benefits of having a second photographer at your wedding

Quicker Group Photos

For those of you who have been a guest at a wedding, you know how long it can feel while group photos are happening. For the couples that book me, I explain the importance of having a fairly short list so no more than 10 group photos so this doesn’t happen. By having a second photographer at your wedding it does help to speed up the group photos considerably. For example, while I am photographing a group my second photographer is getting the next group ready which means you get more time to spend with your guests and make more memories.

Should I book a second wedding photographer?


Support to the lead photographer. During the wedding day itself we don’t get long to stop and in the heat of summer is when wedding photographers are most busy, so by having a second photographer they help to keep the lead photographer hydrated. Having been a second photographer myself many times I understand how important this is.

The benefits of having a second photographer at your wedding