2017 behind the scenes

Jan 19, 2018 | Personal

Wanting to see some behind the scenes from weddings in 2017? You are in the right place!

So 2017 has been the busiest year so far for Gemma Giorgio Photography with 2018 shaping up to look pretty awesome too.

Phil my amazing boyfriend has joined me on almost every wedding this year as my second photographer as you’ll notice in the photos below.

I hope you enjoy looking through the post just as much as I loved putting it together.


Alice and Sam looking awesome in their couple photos at Woodhall Manor. Phil waving a sparkler around whilst I’m testing light. He was just having fun really :-).Sophia and Dan being super cute during couple photos.Me and Phil in a camera stand off (I think I won…)Or maybe Phil did, to be continued.Organising Matt and the boys for their group photo.Location scouting for golden hour photos.My eyes lit up when I arrived at Down Hall and saw all the blossom trees! Phil my boyfriend and second shooter, Sophia and Dan and my new assistant… Cat. Can Mr Cat come to all weddings please?! His payment is head scratches and treats.Getting amongst all the dance floor action, I might have busted some moves too!Finding the way out of the field with Emma and Alex. I loved Emma’s bouquet, clearly I wanted it for myself as pictured.Ever wondered how I sometimes get a bit of the veil in a photo, sometimes it’s the wind sometimes it’s me just pretending to be the wind. Either way looks great!  Behind the scenes at Kim and Marks Glemham Hall wedding.Who’s that I spy in the window reflection?Hayley and Sean rocking their first dance at The Great Lodge.Light testing in the tipi.Photo with Lydia the bride and a guest who also wanted to be involved.When lanes are this pretty we have to use them for photos.Just before the wind (Phil) made Kim’s veil fly.Photographing Zoe’s bridal details at Down Hall.The handshake of approval from Hayley’s Dad.Phil doing his thing.Me doing mine.No Phil you can’t eat the cake but you can smile next to it whilst I test light. Standing next to wedding cakes is always the best smell, mmm… Light testing for Holly and Arron’s evening couple photos at The Fennes.Laurel and Jack during their couple photos. Just before Zoe and James’ I do’s at Down Hall.  Can you see me hiding in the mirror reflection in the other mirror? Confetti shower!    Evening location scouting for sunset photos.Dance floor light testing, Phil caught me off guard in a day dream.How amazing is the flower arch Emma and Alex had for their ceremony? Love it!Coming out of the vineyard at The Great Lodge with Hayley and Sean. Alice and Sam walking under the rose archway at Woodhall Manor.Kim and Mark’s I do’s.Me using an ear piece to communicate with Phil, if only! This would be super handy on occasions, we could be secret spies…