5 tips to stay super organised when planning your wedding

Dec 13, 2017 | Wedding advice & ideas

1 – Treat yourself to a new notebook

This would be one of the first things I’d do not only because I am yes I’ll admit it I am a stationary geek and love any excuse for getting new stationery! By having a new notebook that is dedicated just to wedding planning will save having lots of pieces of paper dotted around the house and keeps it all in one place.

You could take it to meetings with potential wedding vendors, and you could note any questions you wish to ask.

I would personally recommend Paperchase as they do the loveliest notebooks and you could even treat yourself to a new pen too.

How to stay organised when planning your wedding

2 – Wedding email address

I really like the idea of having a separate wedding email address that both yourself and your partner can have access to at any time. This will save any important wedding-related emails from getting lost amongst the many advertising emails that come through to your normal email account.

Having one email address dedicated to wedding planning keeps all the wedding related information all in one place making it easier to find, as it won’t be shared between several mailboxes.

One thing to be careful of is that both you and your partner aren’t emailing back the same person at the same time as this could course some confusion.

I’d advise having the email account logged in on your phone so you can get instant notifications and easy access.

How to stay organised when planning your wedding

3 – Timeline

Having a timeline will really help to keep you on track of when you’d like to get things done by. Also having an idea of how far in advance you need to book certain wedding vendors is really important as popular wedding dates get snapped up really quickly.

Click here to see the Mod Wedding 12 Month Wedding Planning Checklist.

How to stay organised when planning your wedding

4 – Wedding box/folder

As you’ll find you will be given lots of information from contracts to business cards, keep it all in one place to save anything being mislaid.

How to stay organised when planning your wedding

5 – Separate pinboards on Pinterest

If you are into pinning on Pinterest I’d advise having separate boards for different aspects of the wedding, for example, bridesmaids dresses, flowers, bridal hairstyles, etc. This makes it easier when going back and reviewing what you have pinned and you will be able to make quick comparisons between pins as they should be easier to find.

The beauty with Pinterest is that you can make boards private, so if you feel like you are sharing too much you can hide them, after all, you might not want to give everything away.

How to stay organised when planning your wedding