5 wedding bouquets I loved in 2019

Apr 1, 2020 | Wedding advice & ideas

Following on from my 5 wedding cakes I loved in 2019 blog post I thought I’d share with you 5 bridal bouquets I loved in 2019 too. The bouquets are all different so there is something for everyone, from bright and vibrant flowers to muted colours and some with lots of foliage. Florists included in this post are Essex and Sussex based.

Ami’s bridal bouquet made by Little Tin Shed Florist

The use of foliage within wedding flowers has been increasing in popularity over the last couple of years, it is such a beautiful trend and hopefully, one to stick around. Adding foliage to a bridal bouquet helps to create contrast between the different flowers and it works particularly well if using similar coloured flowers within a bouquet. I love the subtle hint of blue in Ami’s bouquet and I am a big fan of the muted pink David Austin rose as this is one of my favourite types of flowers.

Danielle’s wedding flowers made by Eden Floral Design Essex

I love the statement hydrangea in Danielle’s bridal bouquet, I don’t think hydrangeas get as much love as they should, they are just stunning to look at (they are also great to flower press). I need to get some planted up in my garden this summer. The use of pink roses tied in beautifully with the bridesmaid’s dresses.

Holly’s colourful bridal bouquet made by Inflorescence

When I saw Holly’s wedding flowers for the first time my eyes lit up. I absolutely adored all of the flowers and colours within this stunning bouquet. It is not often I get to photograph such a colourful bouquet filled with so many different types of flowers that all complimented each other so well. The green foliage helps to break up the colours and add a more relaxed feel to this bouquet. I personally love the pops of yellow from the sunflowers.

Kate and her bridesmaid’s flowers made by Flowerbug Designs

Kate and team bride rocked elegant blush, white and foliage bouquets. These soft, wispy bouquets really complimented the lace on all the dresses. From memory these flowers smelt amazing, you’ll just have to take my word on that.

Sian’s winter bridal bouquet made by The Flower House

With Sian’s wedding being in November I loved that she embraced the seasonal flowers. I loved the use of pine cones and pine branches to break up her chosen flowers. Sian and Ben chose to also use their wedding flowers to decorate their top table, this was a wonderful way to be able to use the flowers during another part of the wedding day. I have also seen bouquets used to decorate the cake tables too, both work beautifully.

One thing you may have noticed across all of the bouquets in this blog post is that they all include foliage, something I have only just realised! Are you having foliage in your bouquet? If so what type? Currently, my favourite type of foliage is eucalyptus, I just love the shape and the colour, it is beautiful and compliments most flowers. I hope you enjoyed my look back on my favourite bouquets from 2019, if you want to see 5 cakes I loved in 2019 click here.