7 ways to remember loved ones on your wedding day

Apr 23, 2020 | Wedding advice & ideas

A wedding day is filled with many emotions, some of which could be for loved ones who you would have wanted at your wedding but are no longer with you. I wanted to share some thoughtful ideas I have seen on wedding days for how you can remember your loved ones. It is often all the small touches on a wedding day that mean the most, so I hope you like some of these heartwarming ideas I have seen over the years.

A photo charm on your bouquet

Your wedding flowers are something that you have with you for most of the day, so by including a photo charm of a loved one, it is a subtle reminder they are with you on your wedding day. You can make the charm yourself or alternatively purchase the charm from somewhere like Etsy.

A memory table

I think this is a really beautiful way to remember loved ones, who have passed away. The memory table is something guests will go up to and look at throughout your wedding day. You could include a few words in a frame alongside explaining who the special people were to you and some photos from their wedding day. 

Some words that you could include on your memory table:

Until we meet again
We think about you always,
We talk about you still,
You have never been forgotten,
And you never will.

A memory ladder

Similar to the memory table a memory ladder is a another beautiful way to include photos of loved ones.

A toast during speeches

A simple yet beautiful way to remember loved ones on your wedding day is during the speeches, taking a moment to remember, knowing how proud they would have been and raising a glass in their honour. You might find it hard and even get a little choked up and that is totally okay. Don’t be scared to show your emotions, embrace how you feel, you are amongst your closest friends and family. Many a time guests have given encouragement to speakers when the tears have got hold. Whatever you have to say you will do them proud.

A seat at the top table

I loved this sentiment at Charlie and Roger’s wedding day last year. They saved a seat just to the side of the top table to honour and remember Roger’s dad who sadly passed away when he was younger. On the chair was a sign that read ‘ Because someone we love is in heaven there’s a little bit of heaven at our wedding’ paired with these beautiful flowers. You could choose to use their favourite flowers.

Lighting a candle during the ceremony

To honour a loved one you could light a candle during the ceremony and have a quiet moment to think about friends and family who couldn’t be present. I also really like the the idea of putting a note in the order of service saying something like “In loving memory of”.

Wearing jewellery of a loved one

It could also be your something borrowed as well as being a subtle reminder of them being in your heart on your wedding day. Just as simple as looking down at your hand and knowing how proud they would have been to see you happy on your wedding day. This gorgeous ring was given to Charlotte on her wedding day by her Grandad in memory of her Nan.