Top tips for photogenic skin

Jul 31, 2018 | Wedding advice & ideas

Often, I get asked from brides to be how they can look after their skin in the build-up to their wedding day, so who better to ask than professional make-up artist Kayleigh from Makeup by Kayleigh. Based in Braintree, Essex, Kayleigh covers all over, offering bridal hair and make-up as well as make-up lessons which is perfect for brides tying the knot abroad.

Here Kayleigh gives some top tips for wedding ready skin:

Drink plenty of water

Drink at least the recommended amount of 2 litres of water per day. This will help your skin and eyes glow from within. Under eye darkness are often related to kidney function so drinking plenty of water can often help combat this problem area.

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Exfoliate regularly

Use a grain-based or liquid exfoliator, once a week up until your wedding day. Pay special attention to areas that can grab makeup such as the nose and the centre of your forehead. Always protect your skin with an SPF for a few days after you exfoliate.


Whilst it’s great to protect your skin daily from the damage the sun can cause, avoid SPF on your wedding day. If photos are taken with a flash this is when it becomes a problem. The SPF can reflect the light, leaving you with a face much lighter than the rest of your body. It is often more noticeable if you have self-tanned.

Your professional photographer is unlikely to use a flash that often especially if there is enough available natural light but there are times when it is needed.

Friends and family will use a flash on their cameras though and this is normally when the SPF issue is most common. SPF’s are most often found in moisturisers but are also used in foundations so check the label before you apply.

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Get to know your skin

Speak to your makeup artist or go to a salon where they will be able to diagnose your skin type. Then you can use appropriate products to have your skin looking its best in time for your big day.

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Remove makeup

Always remove your makeup at night and avoid using wipes daily. Most wipes are full of chemicals that strip the skin (even the ones suitable for babies!). A good face wash or cream cleanser is your best options.

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Patch test

If you want to try any new treatments that come into contact with your skin, always do this a good month beforehand, just in case you have any adverse reactions. This is particularly important with tints and lash extensions. Always carry out a patch test, no matter how robust you know your skin to be.

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Thank you, Kayleigh, for the great tips for achieving wedding ready skin. To see more of Kayleigh’s work follow the links below:

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