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Nov 1, 2018 | Wedding advice & ideas

Earlier this year I had the joy to meet Caroline and Victoria, the faces behind The Wedding Planners. Caroline and Victoria cover Essex, Suffolk and beyond, offering wedding planning services, helping to remove the wedding stresses.

Today Caroline Gould is the guest writer on my blog talking about what wedding planners do and how they can benefit couples getting married. I found it really insightful and I’m sure you will too, enjoy!

What does a Wedding Planner Actually Do?

“When I tell people I’m a wedding planner they usually offer one of two responses: ‘oooh that must be such a glamorous job’ or ‘oh like J-Lo in that film’. The answer to both of these questions is no! Some parts of the job are glamorous but most of it isn’t, and in that J-Lo film, the wedding planner runs off with the groom! I can’t speak for other companies but that’s not in our list of services! Hopefully, the following will explain more about what a wedding planner does, how we can help and why you should hire one:

You work long hours and don’t have the time

The average bride spends the equivalent of 6 full time working weeks planning her wedding. Hiring a Wedding Planner means you have one dedicated contact point who will be with you from the initial consultation right through to your wedding day. 78% of Brides who have just got married wish they’d had a professional to help plan their wedding.

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You are hiring professionals to do everything else

Hiring a Wedding Planner is becoming the natural thing to do, 26% of UK Brides do. Why not get someone in who has done it lots of times before and has the experience of making the common mistakes, so already knows the solutions! A Wedding Planner will not panic when a problem arises, they will simply look at it logically and come up with a solution.

You will save money

With a keen eye for detail, a Wedding Planner will help you set your budget and more importantly help you stick to it! Wedding Planners work with venues and suppliers on a regular basis so can negotiate discounts and savings on your behalf, often saving you enough money to cover their fee.

You are really organised but need some help

For really organised brides a wedding planner is an essential investment, especially on the day. Whilst you are at home getting ready the morning of the wedding, you can relax in the knowledge that your wedding planner is making sure everything is as you have requested. The napkins are in the right place, the chairs are positioned correctly, the cake has arrived, the florist has worked her magic with the table decorations and the caterers and venue are prepared for your arrival. You can enjoy the day without worrying about anything.


Whether you want a traditional wedding that adheres to the conventional etiquette or a unique, quirky original design – a Wedding Planner will give your wedding the ‘wow’ factor.Braxted park wedding

Your venue includes a wedding planner in their price

On-site wedding co-ordinators know everything there is to know about their venue and can recommend suppliers. An independent and professional Wedding Planner will provide a personal, bespoke service that is specifically tailored to you.

You will not be stressed

Hire a Wedding Planner to deal with all the stresses of your wedding so you don’t have to. You make all the decisions, we do all the hard work.

When you start planning your wedding you will quickly realise that there is an awful lot to do! Checklists in magazines can be quite a scary prospect but they are made to be helpful for everyone, it may not all be relevant to you and you don’t have to do everything on the list! A lot of the things to do will be stressful and may include; family politics when writing your guest list and creating your table plan, finding the perfect dress then finding out its way over your budget, getting all the small details right, not to mention the emotional rollercoaster you will likely go through.

Try to take some time off during the planning process. Go out for dinner and make sure wedding talk is off the agenda, meet up with friends and take some time out. Spend some time as a couple talking about your future lives together; what are your hopes and aspirations for married life?

It’s equally important to spend some time together on your wedding day. I’m sure most of your married friends will have told you that your wedding day will fly by! It’s true. There’s so many people to catch up with, they will all want to congratulate you – it’s not surprising if you find yourself thinking ‘Where’s my new wife/husband?’ regularly throughout the day. It’s important that you make time to get away and spend a few precious moments together on your wedding day; your venue staff or wedding planner will be able to help facilitate this.

The most important thing to remember is that you are marrying the love of your life, and at the end of the day, that’s all that really matters.”

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Editors Note

Caroline Gould and Victoria Ewing are The Wedding Planners. With over 10 years of experience between them, Caroline and Victoria are proud to be welcomed into your wedding day to help you create the wedding you deserve. Caroline and Victoria have been a team for the last 4 years, working together to bring excellence to your wedding day.

In 2015 Caroline received the title National Wedding Planner of the Year, from The Wedding Industry Awards. The Wedding Planners are proud to be level 2 members of the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners, promoting professionalism within the Wedding Industry.

A note from The Wedding Planners… 

“We truly believe that you should feel relaxed on your wedding day and able to take in all the magic, safe in the knowledge that every detail is being taken care of; that’s why we will only recommend high quality, trusted suppliers.

It’s our mission to make each wedding stylish and unique every single time. Our priority is to ensure both of you have a fabulous day, that your guests have an amazing time and you all leave with some unforgettable memories.”


Thank you so much to Caroline for the write-up! If you want to follow Caroline and Victoria here is where you can find them:

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