When to book your Essex wedding photographer?

Mar 11, 2019 | Wedding advice & ideas

Wedding photographers are usually next on the list after booking your wedding venue. In this blog post, I wanted to give you some tips so you know when to be booking your Essex wedding photographer.

Book your venue first

If you are reading this blog post and are yet to book your wedding venue, check out my blog about finding your Essex wedding venue, as it’s super important that you have secured your wedding location before contacting photographers. Having your date secured means photographers can let you know their availability for your date and it makes finding your wedding photographer a lot easier.

Houchins wedding venue reception room
Photographed at Houchins wedding venue in Coggeshall

Work out what style of photography you both love

One thing you’ll notice when on the hunt for your wedding photographer is that you’ll see there is a lot of choice, and within that choice, you have lots of different styles of photography. In the early phase of looking for your wedding photographer, I would advise looking at all styles of photography, you should know straight away which styles you prefer. The most common styles of wedding photography would include: traditional, documentary, fine art, modern. I’d personally say my photography style is a mix of documentary and modern as I capture the day as it unfolds as well a providing couple/group photos. Once you’ve worked out what style of photography you like start bookmarking photographers.

Maison Talbooth wedding
Photographed at Maison Talbooth wedding venue in Colchester

Contact wedding photographers

I recommend getting in touch between 12-24 months in advance if you’re having your wedding on a prime date (for example a Saturday in the summer/a bank holiday weekend) as popular dates get booked quick. If your wedding is in the week/off-peak I would recommend at least 6 months in advance. With more couples opting for off-peak weddings naturally, these dates are getting booked for wedding photographers. Just to give you an idea, out of all the weddings I’ve got booked in for 2019 over 40% of those dates are between Monday- Friday.

I personally love it when I get a personalised enquiry come through showing excitement for me potentially being involved in a couples day, so if you have particular favourites I would definitely recommend putting time into the email.

Bride in an Essex vineyard
Photographed at West Street Vineyard wedding venue in Essex

A quick tip

Among your search for your wedding photographer take time to read reviews from past couples and take a look at their social media platforms to see if you connect on a personal level as this is really important. If you want more advice about finding the right wedding photographer follow the link for my 5 tips.