Backing up your wedding photos

Jan 27, 2020 | Wedding advice & ideas

So much thought and time went into planning your special day and you have the beautiful photos to look back on for many years to come. Let’s chat about how you can keep your wedding photos safe and the different ways you can back them up.

Online gallery

Currently, the way I deliver final wedding photos is via a private online gallery, whereby couples can view, download and print. I host these galleries for 1 year after the wedding so this is your first back up, be it only short term. Follow my tips below to ensure keeping your photos safe for many years to come.

External hard drives 

After you’ve downloaded all your photos (at the highest quality) from the online gallery, I suggest creating a back up on an external hard drive. It should be noted that external hard drives have an average lifespan of 3-5 years, so with that in mind, I would recommend using two hard drives. Once you have your photos backed up to two hard drives I would recommend storing them in two different locations. One stored at home and the other offsite, for example, at your parents, your work, your friends, etc. The reason I suggest keeping them in two places is purely for the worst-case scenario, for example, losing/breaking your hard drive, it gets stolen, or a house fire.

External hard drives are not as expensive as they used to be a few years back and I would highly recommend that you use one for your personal photos/documents too. I would suggest a hard drive that is 1TB in size, this should be plenty of storage for the average person. Hard drives that I have used in the past that I would recommend would include: Samsung and Lacie and if you are looking for something a little more future proof take a look at the SanDisk 1TB SSD hard drive. You can buy hard drive cases to protect them from damage, these are also great for storing them in, just search ‘hard drive case’ on Amazon.

Cloud storage

Cloud storage is getting bigger and cheaper every year and some companies even offer a free amount of storage space when you sign up. One of the biggest benefits of having your photos backed up to the cloud is having another layer of back up. Another benefit with storing your photos on the cloud is the added convenience of being able to access the photos whenever/wherever you like. I personally love DropBox as it is simple and easy to use and I can use the DropBox app on my phone. Other well-known cloud storage options include Google Drive, One Drive, iCloud.

Prints and albums

One of the nicest ways, in my opinion, to enjoy and look back on your wedding photos is by having them in print. Getting them off of our devices and up on our walls is one of the best things you can do. I love looking at photos displayed on the wall, as they bring back great memories and add a personal touch to our homes.

The best way to select the photos you want to print is by sitting down with your partner, each with a glass/mug of your fav (in my case a large mug or green tea) and going through your gallery picking your favourites. With the current gallery I use it is super simple to pick your favourite photos, what you do is select the heart on the top right of the photos and login with your email address. Once you’ve whittled down your selection of photos, you now need to decide on the sizes, this is easier if you already have the frames. A couple of places I like to buy frames is The Range (massive selection) and surprisingly Matalan Home (I got some hanging frames from here and I love them). Now you’ve got your frames and know what sizes you need print away, I would recommend printing more photos than you need so you can play around with which photos look better in which frames.

My personal favourite way to display photos is by creating an album, there is just something really special about them. Do you remember when you were a kid and you’d look through your parents/grandparents wedding albums seeing photos of loved ones who aren’t here today and seeing how things have changed over the years? As your family grows over time your wedding album becomes your family heirloom that future generations will be turning the pages of.

Since you’ve already selected your favourite photos the next part is easy, you can get in touch with me and email to start discussing putting together your family heirloom. A lot of couples book their wedding album after their wedding day and it makes a wonderful 1st wedding anniversary gift as the first year is ‘Paper’. If you are a past couple that I have photographed and you’d like me to create your wedding album I’d love to make it for you. I’ve put together a blog post answering all the frequently asked questions about wedding albums if you had any questions that come to mind.

I hope you’ve found this post helpful and you know now how to look after your wedding photos for many years to come.