How to look after your wedding album

Dec 22, 2020 | Wedding advice & ideas

If you’re reading this, it’s very likely that you’ve now got your hands on your wedding album, it’s beautiful isn’t it?! I’ve written this blog post to share the best ways to look after you family heirloom and keep it looking it’s best for many years to come.

Store in the slip and box

As standard, all main albums come with a protective fabric slip and a protective box. When you’re not looking through your album I would recommend you keep it stored in both of these. 

Viewing your wedding album

When viewing the album I would recommend viewing it on a flat surface to protect the binding from being over bent. Alternatively when viewing on your lap protect the spine from the weight of the album by supporting with your hand trying to keep it flat.

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Lay wedding album flat 

Your wedding album isn’t designed to be stored stood upright due to the weight of the pages and the way it is bound. Storing it upright over time could damage the binding. I would recommend storing it laid flat.

Store away from sunlight/extreme heat/humidity

If you choose not to store the album in its box I would recommend that it isn’t stored in direct sunlight as over time this could discolour/fade the pages. Similarly to sunlight extreme heat/humidity can also cause damage to the album in the form of warping to the pages.

Clean with a soft cloth

When cleaning use a dry soft cloth and avoid rubbing the printed pages as this may cause damage to the printed photographs. 

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If you are interested in working together to create your wedding album but have a few questions take a look at my All you need to know about wedding albums blog post.